Meet Megan- Associate Planner

July 30 ,2015

Megan is your ultimate girly girl. She specializes in weddings and loves glits and glam. She belives "There’s definitely something magical about the way an event can bring people together with the purpose of creating smiles that we will remember for a lifetime and beyond". Megan's mission is to provide the best and most positive support during a stressful, emotional, but nonetheless exciting time. To create a flawless masterpiece that can take someone’s breathe away because it is everything they dreamed of and more is the ultimate feat that needs to be executed down to every little detail, and also the challenge she lives for.


Megan's passion for events began with organizing blood drives for her school. She collected enough donations to save over 2,000 lives. As described by Megan, "It is an incredible feeling, genuinely making a difference in any one person’s life." 


Aside from her coordination duties, She is a lover of all things pretty; from florals to glitter to sunsets. She is always actively engaged in something creative, whether it be hiking the beautiful SoCal mountains or exploring our gorgeous beaches. My favorite saying is: “And at the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.”


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